What is WordPress?

WordPress is simply one of the most popular blogging applications. Since it was first released in 2003 by developer Matt Mullenweg as a basic blogging engine, it has evolved into a full-featured content management software.

WordPress is an open source application, this simply means that all of its code and files are free to use and available for customizing. This enables WordPress to get a large community to continuously support its ever-enhancing—WordPress technology. There is a vibrant and dynamic community harnessed by thousands of people from curious individuals to technology enthusiasts and from freelance professionals to large technology companies, they all contribute to the evolution of WordPress to its present day form. Today WordPress has many powerful features, these include a templating system, workflow, search-engine friendly link structures, advanced content categorization, and more being added everyday through the thousands of plugins, widgets and themes. Yes, WordPress has got one limitation and that is only your imagination!

WordPress is most popular also for its packaged application, which you can download for free at WordPress.org and installed anywhere as a platform and structure for a full-fledged website. There is also a free blog services available online at WordPress.com.

This is why we all say “WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.” and we all love WordPress!