Install WordPress on your Computer In One Click

The easiest and quickest way to instantly install WordPress on your Computer!

We all know that even a newbie can use WordPress. In fact, you can install WordPress quickly in a few clicks. This means that any person without the basic knowledge of designing and coding can use it as blogging or CMS tool. Many a time we face a situation where we get stuck at the very beginning itself at the time of installation. This is because of the requirements of a technical environment which WordPress need to operate. The environment consists of a database, Apache, etc. But do not worry, there are detailed guidelines of few simple steps to take you through the process of WordPress installation:

Instant WordPress

Instant WordPress solves many of the problems a WordPress user faces in learning how to install WordPress. This provides an easy to use WordPress experience out of the box.

1: First of all download Instant WordPress 4.5
2: Now double click on the InstantWP executable that you just downloaded.
3: Choose an installation folder by clicking the Browse button.You can even choose a USB folder. This means that you can carry your WordPress Instance on a USB drive.
4: Click the Install button. It will be installed into the selected folder.

The default Username for WordPress dashboard is “admin” and password is “password.” You can also access important folders like theme folder and plugins folder from this software.

What makes Instant WordPress wonderful?

  • It does not add anything to your system’s registry or otherwise. It is fully portable and runs from within the folder where it is setup.
  • You can install WordPress even on your USB drive, and it will run from there equally well.
  • Easily rename the folder in which it is installed, and you can have several installations on the same PC or even the same USB drive.
  • This software contains some dummy posts, so you don’t need to install them.

I have also started using Instant WordPress, and found it very handy, Hope you too enjoy using it!