Managed Security Services

Best-in-class Hosting Infrastructure Management Services

We provide adjustable levels of Security and Compliance services that scale to match organizations’ evolving business requirements.
Application Support Services such as database administration (DBA) are available to further customize our customers’ cloud environments.
Finally, we offer a full suite of Professional Services to help you plan, migrate and manage your cloud infrastructure


Managed Security

Nearly half of cloud hosting customers are impacted by web application attacks, brute force attacks and vulnerability scans. It’s no coincidence that industry-leading companies in healthcare, technology, financial services, retail and e-commerce rely on HOSTING to secure their applications and data while vigilantly identifying and mitigating potential security threats.


Disaster Recovery Solutions

With Our Disaster Recovery, organizations can be assured that their business-critical applications are safeguarded against attacks — and meet cloud compliance standards to provide continuous, efficient and excellent service to their stakeholders.


Managed Backup

The increased instances of outages and data breaches have left organizations searching to find a managed cloud provider who can offer a security-rich means of protecting and retrieving their business-critical data assets. Our scalable, flexible managed cloud backup solutions seamlessly address changing data footprints while maintaining compliance requirements.


Managed DBA Services

Our Managed DBA Services provide organizations with a tiger team of assigned DBAs that have the exact skill sets for their specific needs – minus the hefty price tag. Our DBAs provide unmatched expertise at a predictable, fixed monthly fee.


14 days money back guarantee

We are more than confident that your hosting requirements are optimally met with all of our services. If you are having trouble with using our services, our team of Hosting Experts are available round the clock to resolve any such issue to your satisfaction. In an unlikely event of your deciding not to use our services, we do offer a worry-free shopping experience with a money back guarantee on our services.

With exceptions of some promo offers, we offer a money back guarantee.

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